ICON and GRAEDUCATION Collaboration for Managing Innovation and Developing Vocational Education.

An important pillar of the #GRÆDUCATION project is the collaboration with Greek companies for the management of innovation and the development of Vocational Education and Training.

#ICONGROUP, supports all the activities of the # GRÆDUCATION project, while in cooperation with the Munster Chamber of Commerce Training Center, implements pilot training to develop new skills in the field of sustainable cooling and air conditioning.

For more information, visit www.graeducation.org/el/home and #FIAPeV

Participation in the Workshop “More than Green – DGNB The Holistic Certification System for Sustainable Buildings”

Within the framework of the report Building Green Expo and DOMOTEC 2017, SBC Greece is organizing a workshop on METROPOLITAN EXPO on April 8th to present the DGNB system for the certification of Sustainable Buildings and Urban Areas.

The conference will be opened by Pantelis Levantis, President of SBC Greece, with a greeting and presenting SBC Greece and the importance of international co-operations.

Subsequently, in a diverse panel, Dr. Lemaitre Christine, Managing Director at DGNB German Sustainable Building Council and Dimitrios Managoudis, Member of the International Board DGNB and DGNB Consultant, Director of SBC Greece and SBC Greece’s Head of Cooperation with DGNB German Sustainable Building Council, will approach the subject of the workshop “More than Green – DGNB The Holistic Certification System for Sustainable Buildings” from the perspective of Germany and Greece, respectively.

Συμμετοχή στην Ημερίδα “More than Green – DGNB The Holistic Certification System for Sustainable Buildings

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Participation in the Global Sustainable Tourism Council European Regional Meeting

On November 23-24, 2016, the GSTC European Regional Meeting was held in Athens with over 200 participants from 16 countries, including the Icon Group.

The event offered a rare opportunity for an exchange of views on the issues of the event:

  • Sustainability standards and  projects for European tourism
  • European Best Practices for sustainable management of destinations and businesses
  • Marketing Sustainable Tourism in European destinations
  • Applying standards and certifications to destinations and businesses.


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