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Our company offers design and construction services for a wide range of projects and markets. More than 75% of our projects resulting from our existing partnerships, demonstrating the commitment of our partners and their trust to deliver successful business practices, with high quality business services under exceptional standards.

Specialized Engineering

Keeping high knowledge of inefficiencies in the design of industrial electrical & mechanical installations, our teams focus on effective and sustainable design, creating the necessary channels of communication between members of a project to ensure the best value for our partners.


Our goal is not only to design a sustainable facility or process. It is primarily safe commissioning, using best design practices, to maximize your investment. In the beginning of our cooperation, professional certified engineers, using world-class Sustainable Development practices and project management, focus on your vision, understanding the challenges and risk management without compromising the design process and your investment.

Service Map

  • Design – Planning

    The start phase of a project, is critical to it’s success, as it provides the core of the foundation. Effective project design takes into account all design aspects, including the involvement of stakeholders, benefits, risk assessment, and of course the actual plan (schedule planning).

  • Prefabrication

    This phase may be the most important part of any project of your structure, because this is the phase where critical decisions have to be taken care of. At this point, we can review and make changes much more easily than we could at a later stage of your project.

  • Construction

    The construction management requires a different discipline and focus in delivering projects that make the building environment in the world. Includes the determination of project requirements, design management, procurement of materials, and construction management of the project in accordance with the parameters of cost, time and planning.

  • Operation

    Operation and maintenance of the installations include all the wide range of services required to ensure the viability of the project. At this stage, all operations for which the project was designed and constructed are performed. Operation and maintenance stage, usually involves day to day activities necessary for the systems and equipment involved in the construction.

  • Monitoring

    Measurement of the performance and operation of the systems improves the management and delivery of our products and services. In a world where resources are failing, the improvement of service management is more critical than ever.


Development programs
Audits for Demands
Start Planning

Προκατασκευή/ Pro construction phase

Development planning
Developing Scope
Construction strategy
Financial Planning

Κατασκευή/ Construction

Coordination Working Groups
Safety management
Quality control
Project management
Project Control – Reporting
Field Management Services


Preventive maintenance
Continuous After Sales Support Services

Μετρήσεις/ Monitoring

Quality assessment
Energy inspections Audits
Final Measurement Delivery
Quality Assurance deliverables