Graeducation “Girl’s Day: Discover Green Skills”

A majority of 70% of young people choose university education. Thus vocational education and training (VET) remains a “second option”. This situation strengthens negative prejudices and creates a vicious circle at the expense of VET. It is worth noting that Greece’s economic cost of non-participation in the labor market is estimated at 3.3% of GDP (2014) perhaps the highest in the EU. Restructuring of secondary education requires the proper functioning of a mature VET system. The big issue facing the Greek VET system is the closer link with the labor market and the economy as well as the stronger involvement of the economic partners. At ICON GROUP we understand social responsibility and through the framework of GRAEUDUCATION we undertake our own task for the new generation.

We invite our social partners to take action!

A major success was the “Girl’s Day: Discover Green Skills” that took place on Monday, June 10, at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. The interest of the world, expressed through attendance and warm words, was the greatest reward for a collective effort of all the actors involved. A shift in interest towards vocational training is a groundbreaking groundwork to change the productive model of our country. In particular, the interest shown by young children and mainly girls green jobs shows that the new beard is not only aware of its future but also the protection of the environment. Thank you all for your attendance as well as the agencies of the program, the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the OAED, the IEP, the FIAP, the HBZ Munster, the Gelsenkirchen Science Park and of course, the Federal Minister for Education and Research, Mr Thomas Rachel, for such a strong support.

Εργασίες Ανακαίνισης στο Γενικό Νοσοκομείο Λάρισας «Κουτλιμπάνειο & Τριανταφυλλένιο»

Περιγραφή Ανάληψης Έργου: Αναδιαμόρφωσης, Επέκταση και Δημιουργία του Τμήματος Επειγόντων Περιστατικών του Π.Γ.Ν.Λ.-Γ.ΝΛ. ‘’ΚΟΥΤΛΙΜΠΑΝΕΙΟ & ΤΡΙΑΝΤΑΦΥΛΛΕΙΟ’’
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Εργασίες Ανακαίνισης στον ΟΛΠ ΑΕ (Οργανισμός Λιμένος Πειραιώς ΑΕ)

Περιγραφή Ανάληψης Έργου: Εργασίες Ανακαίνισης του Δικτύου των Σωληνώσεων, των Βανών και των Αντλιών εντός του Λεβητοστασίου στο Κτίριο Διοίκησης του ΟΛΠ.
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