Heat pump is the solution for the present and the future

European Directive 28/2009 on the promotion of RES sets as target for our country 20% of the total energy consumption for heating and cooling to be produced from RES, which requires investment n technologies that use renewable energy sources such as heat pumps and to drastically reduce the need of energy for heating and cooling mainly by applying passive building standards and new technologies. Therefore the solution of the heat pump comes to the forefront, in order to exploit its important advantages, both for the private and for the public interest.

The operation of heat pumps

The heat pump is a device that has the ability to exploit the energy (heat) that exists in the outdoor air throughout of the year and transfer it to a higher temperature receiver.

In the case of a home, the heat pump draws heat from the cold outside air and delivers it to the interior space of use, offering heating or in reverse operation, expelling the heat of the home in the outside environment by offering cooling. In addition to the three-way valve installed, it is also possible to provide hot water for use. (Read the whole article)