Of course … gas.

The choice of gas as compared to other suggestions and alternative fuels, stands out as an efficient and advantageous solution, because it is incomparably economic, practical and has plenty of applications. Natural gas is environmentally friendly because during combustion produces less carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels, thereby contributing to reducing the greenhouse effect. In addition natural gas does not contain sulfur compounds that pollute the environment and cause the effect of freezing. Also natural gas is a holistic solution to the problem of the atmosphere that occupied the state and the inhabitants of the basin in the last two winters, since emissions to particles and amalgam are zero.

Price Comparison with Petroleum

The price of natural gas in Attica is formed on a monthly basis and results from the cost of gas supply by DEPA (Public Gas Company). On this adds the Provider’s distribution margin EPA (Gas Provider Company) and the State’s planned taxes. This policy was taken by the EPA in 2011 in order to decouple the gas price from the heating oil price on the domestic market in view of the increase in the heating oil tax.

In relation to oil or any other fuel, the comparison is made with knowledge of the market value at fuel on the market and its calorific value. With these two sizes, we can calculate the energy cost per unit kWh. Result is incomparable savings with the use of natural gas as opposed with the use of heating oil. (Read the whole article)