The absolute Case Study of gas

During the winter season the temperature drop is felt and the process of searching for the optimal heating mode is in progress by the interested consumers. Now solutions are being sought for fuels other than heating oil which although there was a small reduction in STC (Special Consumption Tax) the mood value remains high. Natural gas and this year is the main choice for consumers and in particular with the in-house subsidy program implemented under the CPDF (Corporate Pact for Development Framework) 2007-2013 Operational Program, the duration of which will be until 30 April 2015.

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Autopilot in the heat

Autonomy systems ensure proper and economical heating without unnecessary waste. It is well known that a large part of the energy consumption of the buildings is related to the heating and air conditioning needs. Of course this consumption depends on various factors such as construction, climatic conditions, the used systems, the operation time of the installations and others. But there are ways to achieve significant savings.

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Of course … gas.

The choice of gas as compared to other suggestions and alternative fuels, stands out as an efficient and advantageous solution, because it is incomparably economic, practical and has plenty of applications. Natural gas is environmentally friendly because during combustion produces less carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels, thereby contributing to reducing the greenhouse effect. In addition natural gas does not contain sulfur compounds that pollute the environment and cause the effect of freezing. Also natural gas is a holistic solution to the problem of the atmosphere that occupied the state and the inhabitants of the basin in the last two winters, since emissions to particles and amalgam are zero.

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Heat pump is the solution for the present and the future

European Directive 28/2009 on the promotion of RES sets as target for our country 20% of the total energy consumption for heating and cooling to be produced from RES, which requires investment n technologies that use renewable energy sources such as heat pumps and to drastically reduce the need of energy for heating and cooling mainly by applying passive building standards and new technologies. Therefore the solution of the heat pump comes to the forefront, in order to exploit its important advantages, both for the private and for the public interest.

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Automations for economy

There is not only one way to reduce energy consumption for heating. Specific systems can ensure that our heating media heats our space as much as needed without wasting extra energy. It is well known that much of the energy consumption of buildings is related to heating and air conditioning needs. Of course, this consumption depends on a number of factors, such as construction, building type, climatic conditions, systems used, infrastructure, plant lifetime and others.

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